Every once in a while, Mother Nature surprises us with something we don’t see every day. Recently, a pod of killer whales was spotted in Vancouver's inner harbour. Numerous videos of the rare encounter were taken by onlookers and they truly are surreal. These large beauties were spotted on April 16, 2019, and thankfully people were around to capture the close encounter. 

Yesterday, Vancouver was blessed with the rare encounter of a pod of killer whales right in the city. According to several images and videos posted online, there were four orca adults swimming their way through Vancouver’s inner harbour. Thankfully, several people were around to witness it and caught it all on video. 

The Vancouver Police Department Marine Unit tweeted out yesterday afternoon several pictures of the orcas. According to the photos, the whales were breaching in the inner harbour. “So cool to experience this while at work in the Marine Unit,” read the tweet.

The four images show the whales breaching their massive bodies incredibly close to boats and docks. It looks as though all of these adult orcas were not shy and made their appearances known by going above the surface and blowing water out of their blowholes. 

The Marine Unit weren't the only lucky ones to witness this once in a lifetime sight. Several other tweets have surfaced from people in the same area at the time of the sighting.

According to one video, the killer whales were under the Lions Gate bridge when a witness managed to get the perfect up-close shot. This video was taken while standing on the Stanley Park Seawall. 

Another video posted by a Twitter user shows a close-up shot of the four orcas slowly breaching to the surface. The 38-second long video really captures the beauty of these large animals and it is truly breathtaking. 

According to the Vancouver Sun, a pod of killer whales haven’t been spotted in Vancouver since 2016! Maybe these four will make a reoccurring appearance. Keep an eye out!

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