On Saturday, September 28, in front of hundreds of people in Burnaby, B.C. at a public NDP event, Rupi Kaur asked Canadians to vote for Jagmeet Singh as Prime Minister in the upcoming federal elections. The 26-year-old New York Times bestselling author and poet boasts an Instagram following of 3.7 million followers and is part of the NDP’s targeted digital campaign to get more votes with only 21 days left before the election. 

“It gives me the deepest honour to sit here before you today, and endorse my brother Jagmeet Singh as Canada’s next Prime Minister,” said a tearful Kaur as she sat in front of the NDP leader during a one-on-one conversation this weekend. 

Kaur shared a personal story about being a “nobody” several years ago, as a teenager growing up in Ontario, and how Singh was the only one who believed in her talent and worth as a human being. 

“He made me feel seen,” said Kaur. The pair go way back and she's asking Canadians to vote for him in the upcoming election.

Entering into the election campaign, the NDP was facing financial troubles and low standing in the House of Commons. In order to successfully run a full campaign on a low budget, the New Democrats had to borrow against its Ottawa headquarters building, and reduce the number of days that the party chartered a plane as a cost-saving measure.

The NDP cannot compete with the Liberals and Conservatives when it comes to digital budgets or social media clout. 

According to the platform’s ad library, the NDP has spent approximately $130,500 on Facebook since June advertising Singh’s campaign. 

The Conservatives, on the other hand, spent around $438,500, while the liberals spent five times more than the NDP with around $692,600 in campaign advertising. 

The NDP’s social media followers low in comparison to rival parties. Singh has only 219,999 followers on Facebook, compared to Scheer’s 306,000 and Trudeau’s 6.7 million followers. Singh’s Instagram page has 265,000 followers, far behind Trudeau’s 3.1 million.

Kaur’s endorsement of Jagmeet Singh is a welcome boost to NDP’s social media clout and digital reach and is part of the NDP’s strategy in getting more votes by making Singh more likeable and popular on social media.  

Kaur is not the only fan however, Vancouver's mayor Kennedy Stewart fanboyed when he met Singh. Singh's rising popularity is because of his affordable housing policy plans, and his compassionate response to Trudeau's blackface scandal.  

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