Vancouver got a frigid dose of Canadian winter on Tuesday. From what we've seen on the internet, it's clear that some people aren't thrilled about it. While the amount of snow in Vancouver is something for Alberta and Ontario would chuckle at, locals don't seem to find the first real taste of winter very funny. 

On Monday, Environment Canada issued several weather warnings for B.C., stating that a chilly arctic blast was heading for the province. With it, Vancouver could see wind chills as cold as -10 C this week.

Accompanied by the chilly weather on Tuesday, strange white flakes that meteorologists call “snow” began falling from the sky. 

While it only created a light dusting on the city streets, many people weren't prepared. Vancouver Police issued a Twitter warning to drivers, urging them to use extra caution while getting around in this wintery weather.

Thankfully, we can rest easy as the snow looks like it is done for the day, at least in Vancouver. According to Environment Canada, there is a 40% chance of showers on Tuesday with a high of 5 C. 

However, the dusting of snow seemed to cause a bit of a stir on social media.

Some people just wanted to cancel the day altogether and we feel that. 

But it wasn’t just Vancouver that got snow. Several other parts of the province received a visit from Old Man Winter.

Meanwhile, anyone from Alberta is sitting back and laughing. Seeing as prairie provinces started getting snow back in September, Vancouver should count its blessings. 

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