Earlier this week, a video of an intense parking lot fight at Strawberry Hill in Surrey went viral. Thanks to a post on Reddit in the r/Vancouver thread, RCMP are now investigating what looks like a massive brawl that took place over the weekend in the Strawberry Hill mall in Surrey. 

The posted video shows what looks to be a dozen young men engaged in violently kicking, smacking and pushing each other. In the 26 second clip, which appears to be filmed from behind a tree, you can see several men brawling and one man is repeatedly kicked by several men while down on the ground.

Shockingly, the police were not notified of the incident until after the video had been posted on Reddit. There are so many people in the video that it's surprising that no one apparently called the police.

Narcity spoke with Constable Richard Wright who said there were no updates to speak of at the time but confirmed that the RCMP is investigating the incident.

The Strawberry Hill area is well known to the RCMP who have a proactive enforcement project in place. They actually call the area a "hot spot" and it's subject to many patrols.

When asked why no one called the police during the incident, Constable Richard Wright replied "That's the million-dollar question. This behaviour in the video is completely unacceptable and we encourage people when they see these behaviours to call us.”

So far, no one in the video has been identified. Anyone who has information about the incident is asked to get in touch with investigators at 604-599-0502. Speaking to Post Media, Constable Richard Wright confirmed that the location in the video is the parking lot at the Strawberry Hills Cineplex Cinemas. 

It's not clear what precipitated the fight, although according to Karen Reid-Sidhu, the head of the Surrey Crime Prevention Society, who spoke with Surrey Now-Leader, incidents like this happen all of the time. Youth volunteers for the Surrey Crime Prevention Society were and "witnessed the youth hanging out, and growing in size” and they documented what they saw.


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