Over the past eight months, RCMP in Surrey have been investigating over 50 people that were involved in a series of assaults. As a result of the investigation, Surrey RCMP deported three people from Canada. According to CBC News, several of the attacks were caught on video. 

Several intense videos depicting assaults and vandalism have been making rounds on social media. Since March, police have been aware of the disturbing footage.

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

According to CBC News, the Surrey RCMP has spent the last eight months investigating. They believe that there are many more than 50 individuals involved.

One of the videos allegedly took place in the Strawberry Hill area in Surrey back in August of this year. The shocking footage shows someone being punched and kicked by at least four other people. 

As a result, three people have been deported from Canada due to their involvement in a series of assaults that involved large groups of youth over the past several months. Mayor Doug McCallum has described the crimes as “mob violence.”

While there are many people involved in these group crimes, Surrey RCMP has confirmed to CTV News that only three people have been reprimanded at this time via deportation from Canada.

A Surrey RCMP spokesperson stated to CTV News that not all of the incidents involve international students. They also stated that RMCP has been “actively engaged” with the problem of group violence in the city for several months leading up to the deportation. 

The status of the three individuals is being reviewed by the RCMP, but CTV has confirmed that these three were investigated in connection with the Strawberry Hill incident. 

In the video posted by CBC News, around 10 to 15 young men are seen fighting in a parking lot. It looks as though about four men are violently hitting and kicking one other person before they finally run away.

This is not the only group violence video in Surrey to surface on the internet. According to a Facebook post, another video shows an assault with a weapon and vandalism to property, including cars, in a Newton parking lot.

It looks as though the criminals were using golf clubs to damage the vehicle and hit another male. 

CBC News has reported that this video was taken on November 11, 2019. 

The RCMP is now taking the time to warn individuals visiting Canada they can be removed from the country if they engage in criminal activity.

Throughout the year, several other violent assaults in Surrey were filmed and posted online. One of those assaults involved a student. 

In the video, the student was forced to kiss the shoes of a bully while several other peers watched and launched. He was then attacked. 

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