Now that weed is legal in Canada, all types of new jobs are hitting the market. Eight Canadians have managed to get a position related to weed, and it's actually paying quite a bit. A cannabis company is paying Canadians $50 an hour to smoke weed as "Cannabis Connoisseurs"

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Vancouverite Cheney Creamer is one of the eight people who landed the position of "Cannabis Connoisseur" with company A Higher Level of Thought. The job pays $50 an hour, according to Burnaby Now. So what exactly does a Cannabis Connoisseur do? They smoke weed and talk about it afterwards. 

The Cannabis Connoisseur position was created by company A Higher Level of Thought (AHLOT), who hired eight Canadians for a cannabis curation committee. Several provinces are being represented on the committee, including B.C., Alberta and Ontario. 

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According to the company on their website, over 25,000 people applied for the job, but only eight Canadians were ultimately chosen. AHLOT is a cannabis curator company that offers weed products from various suppliers. 

To Burnaby resident Cheney Creamer, this position is a dream position that she never thought could be a real thing. Cremer told Burnaby Now that if someone had told her about this job a few years back, she would have said, "That’s a dream job, but it seems impossible." Now her dreams have become a reality and she is legitimately getting paid to smoke pot. 

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The Vancouverite is a long-time cannabis therapy advocate and practitioner, according to AHLOT's website. "Cheney has developed a therapeutic approach to conscious cannabis consumption to help people determine their own best practices," reads the website. "Her work in herbal medicine and mindfulness has touched many lives and led to work as an author, professional facilitator and public speaker." 

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If you're looking to work in the weed industry, AHLOT is hiring for other positions. To find out more about the company and its Cannabis Connoisseur job, you can visit their website

Disclaimer: the photos used in the article were used for illustrative purposes only. 

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