If you've ever wasted time scrolling through internet memes, you've probably come across a video of Twiggy the waterskiing squirrel. This hilarious watersport-loving creature is known all over the world for its skills and if you're in B.C., you can see it live in action. Twiggy the waterskiing squirrel is coming to Vancouver this February for the Vancouver International Boat Show.

Vancouver International Boat Show says in a press release that a special guest will be making an appearance at the annual event. You would be right in assuming that the special guest is a pro water athlete, but you would be wrong in assuming that it's human. 

According to Twiggy's website, this squirrel has been entertaining the entire world since 1979. That means that for 40 years, Twiggy has honed her skill and made bank along the way. 

While she is busy touring the world, she has managed to squeeze in some time to come see Vancouver during the International Boat Show this February. Move over Ryan Reynolds, there's a new star coming to town. 

Twiggy will be attending the 58th annual boat show from February 5, 2020, to February 9, 2020. While the event is meant to host more than 250 exhibitors and 125 presentations and workshops, Twiggy will be among the most exciting main attractions.

During the five day event, Twiggy will be preforming every day for all the show-goers. Twiggy's adorable appearance will also be a great way for viewers to learn about water safety and waterskiing. 

Alongside this beautiful bushy-tailed cutie will be her trusted lifeguard and dog, Roxie. 

Tickets for the boat show go on sale online on November 1, 2019. So if you want to go see Twiggy, we suggest buying a ticket sooner rather than later.

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