It's an annual tradition at the University of British Columbia, one of the finest educational institutes in the country, that students gather together for a massive snowball fight. They had to postpone this year's event due to too much snow. UBC's snowball fight has been postponed as the city has been slammed with more snow than it knows what to do with.

For a few hours every winter, the Vancouver campus of UBC transforms into a snowball warzone. But a snowstorm forced organizers to reschedule after a ton of snow had the city shutting down.

UBC's Point Grey campus has cancelled all its day classes for Wednesday, January 15.

The original event was set for 12:30 p.m. Wednesday, January 15, and is being organized by the UBC Calendar, a student group dedicated to organizing fun events for students.

Organizers rescheduled the battle for the same time Thursday, January 16.

They're expecting thousands to attend.

Due to traffic and public transit slowdowns, many commuters were left stranded in the snow. The situation's gotten so bad that the B.C. government told people to stay home and out of the cold.

The cross-campus annual snowball fight is a chance to let loose and clobber your friends with packed snow in a socially acceptable manner.

"It’s your chance to rally against that person in lecture who states things in the form of questions, provide some payback for the friend that “forgot” your secret Santa gift or stand up to the roommates that stole your leftovers from the fridge," reads the event's Facebook posting.

According to the Facebook posting, the honourable snowball warriors will take their stands on both sides of Main Mall, between the Sauder school of business and the chemistry buildings.

Between 12:15 and 12:29 p.m., the soldiers will gather their ammunition (of which there is ample supply). They will stare down the enemy line with fire in their hearts and frost on their fingers. They will wait for the countdown to 12:30 p.m.

They will fire.

If you're thinking of attending, bring your warmest scarves, your thickest gloves, and your lust for the glory of battle.

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