Get ready for a cuteness overload! The Vancouver Aquarium rescued two adorable sea pups and they are being given the ‘royal’ treatment. The aquarium posted a video of the dynamic duo just to prove to us that angels do exist. Enjoy!

The Vancouver Aquarium is known for being one of the best aquariums in North America. When they are not educating the public on the importance of marine life, they are rescuing animals in need. 

Their latest rescue includes two of possibly the most adorable seal pups ever! The duo has officially made the Vancouver Aquarium their new home and they are being given the royal treatment – pun intended. 

The duo has been named Meghan Mackerel and Prince Herring, after the royal couple. They were rescued separately in June of this year, and so far, they are getting along swimmingly. 

The Vancouver Aquarium is incredibly proud of the two pups and recently shared a video of them on their Facebook page. Needless to say, it’s making waves online. 

In the video, you can see the two large lumps of fuzz living their best lives together. You can’t help but gush when their large black eyes meet the camera lens! 

Check out the video below!

According to an email sent to Narcity from the Vancouver Aquarium, Meghan Mackerel was found alone on Sidney Island just last week. When she was found, she was underweight and still had part of her umbilical cord attached.

She as found covered in a large amount of soft fur which means that she was born prematurely. Her mother was nowhere in sight at the time of her discovery. 

Prince Herring was rescued separately, but is also a premature baby, just like his new best friend. He was found in a marsh near Crescent Beach in Surrey. When he was discovered, he was still attached to his mother’s placenta, but his mother was gone. 

Things were touch and go for Herring as his condition was far from ideal. However, since being in the aquarium's care, his condition has improved. 

The entire Internet is living for these two cuties and is rooting for their success – us included! 

The seal pups are just another adorable addition to the aquarium. The popular marine centre has made headlines numerous times for posting epic videos of their otters and sloths. 

Fingers crossed that more seal pup videos are in the making!

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