Your average party might have things like pizza and beer but it usually won't involve needles. However, a Vancouver "Botox and filler party" was busted by police because the person providing the procedures was unlicensed. The sting operation revealed cash payments at an illegal botox party, and a doctor's college has been trying to catch the culprit since 2017.

According to a recent release on Wednesday, March 4, Vancouver Police and private investigators hired by B.C.'s College of Physicians and Surgeons (CPSBC) went undercover to the office of Maria Ezzeti on Thursday, February 20.

Ezzeti hosted an illegal "Botox and Filler Party," according to advertisements posted on social media, CTV News reported.

One private investigator with a hidden camera managed to film Ezzati, unlicensed, allegedly give injections to three people, and accept payment in cash.

This wasn't the only Botox incident Ezzati was busted for. Her first encounter with CPSBC was back in 2017, after the College got word she was doing Botox surgery and dermal fillings without a license.

She was banned from giving people Botox or using the title of "doctor," but that didn't stop her from advertising her illegal cosmetic business online.

Nor did it stop her from displaying medical certificates and permits in order to give people Botox in her office, according to a CPSBC investigation.

Despite all of this, the Supreme Court of B.C. couldn't prove Ezzati kept giving people Botox since her first ban until now.

While Ezzati waits for her court date, CPSBC is trying to get a court order to safely dispose of all the "drugs, products and instruments" they found in her office.

"Receiving an injection of a prescription drug from an unlicensed practitioner is risky and has the potential for complications," said Dr. Heidi Oetter, CEO and registrar of CPSBC in a release.

"There is no assurance that the practitioner is competent or qualified to provide treatment," she continued.

Ezzati's old Yelp page and a Groupon for "Dr. Maria Ezzati Cosmetic Procedures" are both still online. 

According to Yelp, Ezzeti is "a graduate of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and certified Aesthetic Physician providing non-surgical cosmetic treatments."

If you're looking to do cosmetic procedures, it's a good idea to do your research and see a professional.

We reached out to the VPD and Ezzati for comment. This article will be updated when we hear back.

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