Yet another downtown climate march is coming to Vancouver this week. According to an event posted online, a Vancouver climate protest has been planned for Friday, October 18 through downtown Vancouver. Activists have named it a  “snake march” protest and they plan to take over the city during evening rush hour.*

Climate protests have been taking place all over Canada recently. People everywhere have been making creative signs and filling the streets to demand change for how climate change issues are being handled by world leaders. 

Greta Thunberg, a now world-famous young climate activist, even visited Alberta and Justine Trudeau very recently. She had a few choice words for our Prime Minister. 

These climate marches have been bold political statements that have often forced roads to shut down. Just one week ago, a massive protest forced the shut down of a major Vancouver bridge for 13 hours. As a result, buses were delayed and needed to be rerouted. 

Now, the Extinction Rebellion, the same group that organized the bridge takeover, is back and is hosting a “snake march” on Friday, October 18. A "snake march" has been described as a protest without a predetermined route.

According to the group's Facebook event page, the march plans to stop rush hour traffic in downtown Vancouver in an effort to make a bold statement and draw attention to their cause. The "snake march" begins at 4:30 p.m. on Friday.

The meeting spot is listed as West Georgia and Hamilton Street for those who plan to attend. 

“On Friday 18th October we will be snake marching through downtown with signs, songs and love for our planet. There is no planned route - it will be up to the rebels marching on the day to decide where we are going,” writes the event description. 

Much like the bridge takeover, there is no end time set. If it is anything like the bridge takeover, it could last 13 hours.

In the comment sections of the event, some people are expressing their excitement.

Even though there is rain in the forecast, not many people seem to care and will be preparing for whatever Mother Nature throws at them. 

So far, over 100 people have said that they are attending the event with another 358 people interested in going. 

*This article has been updated.

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