After four years out on bail, a Vancouver fentanyl drug dealer has been sentenced to seven years in prison after allegedly using a taxi to deliver drugs such as fentanyl. The man has since been charged with 11 counts of drug-related trafficking charges dealing with heroin, cocaine, and fentanyl. 

Raymond Singh Ranu from Vancouver, British Columbia was arrested in February 2015 following an undercover sting that began October 2014. The investigation found that Ranu was dealing heroin and fentanyl pills out of a house located at 3653 East 27th Avenue in East Vancouver.

During the investigation, officers found that Ranu was using a taxi for deliveries and drug transactions, and often had a taxi at his "beck and call."

An undercover officer, Mr. M, was introduced to Ranu during the investigation. Mr. M had a fake persona claiming that he worked in the Northwest Territories and would come to Vancouver on his days off to buy heroin and fentanyl to sell up north.

According to a court document, Ranu told the undercover cop about what to sell and how much different products would be worth. He stated that “black fentanyl” was a new and more powerful drug. 

In one discussion between Ranu and the undercover cop, Ranu gave the officer a bag of pills which found to contain 997 fentanyl pills. 

This is not the only terrifying conversation the two had. On January 25, 2015, the undercover officer one asked Ranu for advice on how to deal with the cash from the sale of the drugs. Ranu then advised him to launder the money through casinos. 

During the investigation, cops found that a taxi was being used to conduct the drug trafficking business. Many of the interactions between Ranu and the undercover officer took place in a taxi cab. 

Following the investigation, police raided Ranu’s drug home. The total value of all the drugs found in the home was estimated to be over $1,000,000 and drugs such as pre-packaged heroin, crack cocaine, and fentanyl pills were discovered. 

On December 15, 2017, Ranu was found guilty of eight counts of trafficking and there counts of possession of cocaine, heroin, and fentanyl for the purpose of trafficking. 

“Ranu knew how powerful fentanyl was and he actively encouraged the undercover officer to get his customers to switch from heroin to fentanyl for monetary reasons. He preyed on persons who are dependent on drugs with the social cost and human suffering that conduct entails,” wrote the court document. 

The honourable Judge Phillips discussed Ranu and his charges in court recently on May 13, 2019. Although Phillips stated that he was not a “low-level drug dealer” and found his ability to launder “a concern to the community,” he did mention that while on bail, Ranu tried to live a law-abiding life. 

Phillips found the sentence of a global 10 years to be “unduly hard” and instead ruled the total sentence to seven years in jail. 

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