There is nothing more heartwarming than watching people support one another. If there's one thing that always makes us emotional, it's when young people come together to boost each other up. Recently, a video emerged that really hit us in the feels. The video of a B.C. student with down syndrome scoring a three-pointer is a remarkable show of athleticism from a high school student. But beyond the epic basket, the legendary reaction from all the other students is indescribably special.

High school isn't always easy, and everyone can benefit from a little support from their peers. The immense support in this video is exactly why it's so emotional to watch.

The video came from Port Moody, B.C., where the Heritage Woods Secondary basketball team, called the Kodiaks, were playing a game. The stands were full of fans, and people can even be seen watching through windows above the court.

When the ball is passed to Reid Demelo, a grade 12 student with Down syndrome, he quickly squares up at the three-point line and makes the shot.

His team, the other team, and students from the stands spill out around him, screaming and jumping in celebration. The group forms a giant group hug, jumping up and down around Reid.

The video immediately gained traction, getting over 6,000 likes on Instagram. Noticing that the video had gone viral, the school's principal, Todd Clerkson, spoke out about the reaction shown in the video.

"Reid’s story is getting an incredible amount of attention and Down’s Syndrom is obviously key to the story, but I have to say that isn’t the reason the kids were so pumped for him; it is because they love him for who he is! Period. #WeAreKodiaks" he wrote.

As Clerkson put it, the video is special because of the overwhelming positivity and support these high school students demonstrate. Not just for their own team, either. Everyone got involved in the celebration and that's exactly what team sports are all about.

With news such as racist allegations and brawls coming out of the sports world lately, this is the exact sort of content the world needs.

The shot, the reaction, and the school spirit are enough to bring a tear to our eye.

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