In honour of their brand new launch, White Spot is giving away 300 Avocado Beyond Burgers in Vancouver next week. If you haven't already heard, our favourite BC restaurant, White Spot, will officially add their first plant-based burger to their menu on Monday, April 15.

Yesterday, White Spot officially announced that they would be adding their brand new Avocado Beyond Burger to their line up of signature burgers. If you're a lover of White Spot, then you know that they don't just add new signature burgers to their menu every other day. 

In honour of this big announcement, White Spot decided that they would celebrate the new burger launch by giving away 300 FREE Avocado Beyond Burgers on Monday, April 15. All you have to do is show up and grab a free burger!

Beginning at 11 AM on April 15, the first 300 people in line will receive a free Avocado Beyond Burger from White Spot. Their White Spot food truck will be parked in the Easypark lot at the corner of Cambie and West Georgia. The exact address is 688 Cambie Street, Vancouver. 

There is a limit of one burger per person.

The chargrilled burger will officially be added to the menu on Monday, April 15. The Avocado Beyond Burger will obviously include a Beyond Meat patty, which is the same patty that A&W uses in their now-famous Beyond Meat burgers. Let's be honest, everyone loves a good Beyond Meat burger. 

In addition, the burger will be chargrilled with fresh avocado, pickled onions, roasted corn, lettuce and tomato. It will also have a jalapeno ranch sauce with edamame hummus. Oh, and obviously it'll come with White Spot's famous creamy coleslaw and deliciously baked fries.

We're so excited to see that yet another Canadian franchise is taking the step to add more plant-based items to their menu! 

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