Vancouverites will now be able to shop for wine and food under the same roof. Whole Foods Market on 8th Ave and Cambie Street will soon have a 500 square-foot wine shop, in partnership with Liberty Wines. The Whole Foods Liberty Wines shop in Vancouver is set to open in 2020, CBC reports.

CBC also points out that this is the first time that Vancouverites will be able to shop at a wine store within a grocery store. Liberty Wines will essentially be its own separate store in Whole Foods. It will operate as a standalone "shop-in-shop."

Across B.C., there are about 30 grocery stores with booze on their shelves. Vancouver is Awesome reports that the "shop-in-shop" model is less popular for a number of reasons. It takes up too much space, it can't be within a kilometre from another liquor seller and shoppers aren't allowed to pay for their food and alcohol at once. 

However, in this case, the partnership made a lot of sense. Liberty Wines uses naturally-sourced, organic ingredients, and Whole Foods is basically synonymous with organic. Liberty Wines Manager Robert Simpson tells CBC that "there was a sort of synergy" between them as retailers. 

"It's very small store, but hopefully we can serve the needs of the clientele there. It'll be right there when they do their grocery shopping," he said. Simpson says he hopes to have the store up and running by next year.

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