It’s time to start brushing up on your pricing knowledge of household goods. The Price is Right Live is set to come to Canada very soon. If you've been waiting for your time to show off your gameshow skills then it's finally your time to come on down as you could be a contestant on The Price is Right Live in Canada this summer! Here’s what you need to know. 

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If it wasn’t your childhood dream to play Plinko or spin the big wheel then what did you even watch growing up? Very soon, you will have the chance to fulfil those fantasies playing on The Price Is Right Live. 

This epic game show will be coming to a casino in Richmond, BC this summer. From June 14 to June 16, you could be a winner. Altogether, there will be four chances to watch and play. 

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If that isn’t exciting enough, all the fan favourite games will be there. That’s right! You could play the Dice Game,  Cliff Hangers, or Rat Race! There will even be the Showcase Showdown.

While Drew Carey will not be the host of The Price Is Right Live show, there will be an undisclosed celebrity guest making sure things move along smoothly. 

Altogether, The Price Is Right has given away over $10 million in cash and prizes. Who knows, maybe you’ll win that trip you’ve always wanted to go on!

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All you have to do to participate is purchase tickets. Tickets start at $39.50 and will be available for four Price Is Right Live shows including one on June 14, two on June 15, and one on June 16, 2019. Show times vary so be sure it fits your busy schedule. 

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After you’ve purchased your tickets all you have to do to participate is show up and register. The awesome news is that contestants are selected at random, so everyone has the same chance of being chosen. 

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The Price is Right Live will be taking place at the River Rock Casino Resort in Richmond. Tickets for the event can be purchased online and we strongly suggest buying them early. You could hate to miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime. 

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