Every once in a while someone catches something on video that is almost too funny to be true. That is exactly what happened when a bystander got a video of a Paw Patrol mascot losing its head while talking to a child in Kamloops. The video has now gone viral internationally for all the right reasons. Enjoy!

A clip that has surfaced many viral video page on social media is actually from our very own British Columbia. The clip, originally taken in Kamloops, shows a young boy and a Paw Patrol character. 

The video was originally taken by the proud father as a way for his child to remember the interaction forever. While it was meant to be a loving moment it quickly turned into viral video material once the mascots head fell off mid-hug. 

In the video, you can see the son run up to the Paw Patrol character. While the two get ready for a hug, the cartoon character bends down and completely loses its head. Literally. 

In the video, you can see the characters large mascot head roll off and hit the ground right when they greet the child and it is beyond hilarious!

Check it out below!

In the recording, you can hear the father says that his child is going to be traumatized. By the tone of his voice and subtle laugh, you can assume that the dad is only joking. 

Thankfully, the other parents in the video also had a good sense of humour about the incident and helped the mascot put the head back on. 

Since the video was taken, the clip has gone viral for all the right reasons, getting posted all over the Internet and garnering thousands of views.

While it may have been a “traumatizing” experience for both the mascot and the kid, we are so glad it all happened on video and we can re-watch the experience. 

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