You can pretty much find out what anyone is doing through Facebook. While it's a great tool to stay connected, it's not good to have when you’re on the run from the police. This point was proven after wanted Canadian man Jessie Dean Kowalchuk was found through Facebook. The story is pretty hilarious and the shining example of what not to do when you're wanted by Canadian police. 

According to a December 5, 2018, post by the Kamloops Crime Stoppers, 27-year-old Jessie Dean Kowalchuk was wanted in Kamloops for three counts of breach of probation. A picture of Kowalchuk was also posted online to aid in his BC-wide warrant of arrest. 

Kowalchuk was clearly made aware of this and ran. In fact, Kowalchuk was able to successfully elude police for quite some time. That is, until he went on Facebook recently and literally gave away his location accidentally. 

Last December when Kowalchuk’s photo and crimes were circulating around local Kamloops media, CFJC Today posted a photo of him as part of their weekly Most Wanted segment.

Kowalchuk saw it, and then he actually sent a direct message to CFJC Today on Facebook! The Kamloops RCMP sent Narcity a copy of the direct message. 

“News flash morons: I'm in Edmonton and not coming back,” said Kowalchuk. What he clearly neglected to realize is that he gave away his location and that even though he was “not coming back,” the cops were more than happy to go to him. 

Cpl. Jodie Shelkie noted in a police statement that the tone of Kowalchuk’s direct message was derogatory stating that RCMP had “missed the ball” because he had been living in Edmonton of 3 years. 

Here is Kowalchuk’s message in full and unedited. Disclaimer: it contains swearing and offensive language.

“You guys are fuckingvstupid retards im in alberta duh have been for over three years you people trying to find who you look like total retards by running a wanted person on the fucking news news flash morons I'm in Edmonton and not coming back you missed the ball by about 3 fucking years."

RCMP were informed immediately and BC Procession Service extended his three outstanding warrants to Alberta. On May 10, 2019, Kowalchuk was arrested by Edmonton police and sent back to Kamloops to face the charges.

“It’s important that people who are wanted realize they can’t relocate to avoid their legal issues. Sooner or later, the police will find them. In this case, the suspect aided us by giving his current location,” said Shelkie. 

RCMP have not yet stated when Kowalchuk will appear in court. 

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