Well, this isn't ideal. The Washington State Department of Agriculture announced on Monday, August 17, that seven Asian murder hornets have been found in the state since 2019. 

The news came after the department announced that they caught their second giant hornet on July 29. This Washington murder hornet was caught in Custer, Whatcom County, which is less than an hour away from the Canada-U.S. border. 

The two trapped specimens bring the total number of Asian giant hornets detected in the state to seven – all of them in Whatcom County.

Washington State Department of Agriculture

This means five murder hornets still remain at large. According to the department's press release, this type of hornet is mostly spotted in August and September. 

Canada is not immune to murder hornets. One was discovered in Langley, B.C., on May 15, 2020. 

Experts told Narcity that the hornets are averse to cold temperatures, which is why they've taken to B.C., as its weather is generally warmer compared to the rest of Canada's. 

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