The Royal Canadian Mint has won global currency industry recognition this week, after their Canadian tri-metal token was presented with The Best New Coin Product, Feature or Distribution award, in the 2019 Excellence in Currency Awards for Coins.

The International Association of Currency Affairs’ (IACA) announced the winners of several coin currency awards on Tuesday, during their annual Coin Conference that was being held in Rome, Italy.

Competing with two other currency finalists from Singapore, the Canadian Mint was officially declared the winner of the category and was presented with the award for their state-of-the-art coin technology, which has been displayed in the tri-metal token.

Describing the winning token in a news release, the Royal Canadian Mint explained, “The tri-metal token consists of a brass plated steel ring, with an inner core of nickel plated steel and copper-plated steel on the opposite side.”

Recognized specifically for the technology used within the token, the Royal Canadian Mint explains, “With a complex arrangement of multiple materials, this token combines the most advanced overt and covert security features, including differentiated electromagnetic signatures in vending equipment.”

Describing the tri-metal collection on their website, the Royal Canadian Mint says, “The products in this exclusive collection are indeed the REAL TRIAL pieces that were produced when testing out the technology featured on a future coin.”

This means that the coins are essentially "trial pieces" that were created by the R&D lab, meaning that customers have the chance to own a piece of history in the making!

The winning R&D Security Test 6-Token Set is available to buy on the Royal Canadian Mint website and features a caribou coin, a tri-metal maple leaf coin, and a multi-ply plated steel moose coin, among others.

If you're interested in owning the award-winning R&D Security Test 6-Token Set, you can purchase the collection for $49.95 by clicking here.

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