A major weather system known as a bomb cyclone will be making its way through Canada over the weekend. The bomb cyclone is expected to bring snow and freezing rain to parts of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Ontario over the weekend.

Environment Canada issued special weather statements for the southern regions of Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

In Manitoba, freezing rain is expected to cause some icy conditions, making walking and driving difficult over the weekend.

There is also the possibility of large snow accumulation in southern Manitoba, with The Weather Network estimating between 10 to 15 centimetres of the white stuff.

The southeastern tip of Saskatchewan will also see some freezing rain, but the effects will not be as severe.

As the bomb cyclone continues its journey to the east, it will potentially bring some truly wintry weather to Ontario and Quebec over the weekend. 

The biggest impact will be seen in areas north of Lake Ontario, with some southern parts of the GTA also seeing freezing rain. Snowy weather is also expected to hit Ottawa and Montreal by Sunday.

The powerful low-pressure system has already caused problems on the west coast, bringing powerful wind storms that have knocked over trees and downed power lines.

"During Saturday night and early Sunday, freezing rain, ice pellets and snow will develop across our region and continue into Sunday," The Weather Network meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham said.

The system started on the west coast and brought heavy snow to the southern region of Alberta earlier in the week.

The bomb cyclone is also expected to head east to the Atlantic provinces after the weekend, but there are no solid weather predictions as of yet.

Canada's Atlantic coast, specifically Nova Scotia, has already dealt with some extreme winter weather due to back-to-back storms that hit the region over the previous week.

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