If you're not into the Black Friday craze and don't understand the hype, this movement is perfect for you. Buy Nothing Day in Canada is all about not buying anything to counteract all the overconsumption on Black Friday. Even if you do like shopping deals this time of year, this movement wants you to reconsider.

With so many retailers offering deals during the weeks leading up to Black Friday, on the actual day and on Cyber Monday, people are purchasing so much stuff at the end of November.

A survey by the Retail Council of Canada shows that more Canadians plan to shop Black Friday deals this year than they do Boxing Day ones. 

To fight back against consumerism and overconsumption, Buy Nothing Day was stared. 

It's now a day observed around the world either the day after American Thanksgiving or the last Saturday in November but it has its roots in Canada.

According to CTV News, it was started by a Canadian artist back in 1992 but it was actually observed in September. In 1997, the day was moved to the Friday after American Thanksgiving, also known as Black Friday, to combat overconsumption.

The movement was supported by Adbusters, a Canadian not-for-profit, pro-environment organization. 

"Take the Buy Nothing plunge! Find out what it feels like to stop consuming for just one day. Discover how incredibly hard it is, how deeply ingrained and compulsive your buying habits are," the Adbusters Buy Nothing Day website stated. 

Some of the ways the site is telling people to participate in the day are a bit extreme like offer to cut up people's credit cards at the mall or drive empty shopping carts around stores in a long line without purchasing anything, but the heart of the movement is pretty reasonable. 

Along with #BlackFriday2019, #BuyNothingDay trended on Twitter with people showing their support for the worldwide movement. 

"Take a break," one person tweeted. "Forget the fake sales. Ignore the artificial mania. Live a little."

Another person said, "stop buying junk you don't need, it's not making you any happier."

Octopus Bookstore in Ottawa actually closed up shop for the entire day on November 29 to celebrate Buy Nothing Day.

Greenpeace Canada suggested taking the challenge's principles and injecting them into your life year-round like repairing something instead of shopping for something new, borrowing instead of buying and donating.

Sometimes Black Friday bargains can be hard to resist because of just how much money you can save but this movement wants people to rethink their shopping habits.

There are stories everywhere. If you spot a newsworthy event in your city, send us a message, photo, or video @NarcityCanada on Twitter and Instagram.

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