There is an understandable amount of anxiety about Canada's back to school season this year. The ongoing pandemic is enough to cause worry. However, on top of that, Canadians are also being warned about potentially severe lice outbreaks in educational settings.

Dawn Mucci, President and Founder of, said in a September 17 press release that she and others in the lice removal business thought that all of the social distancing kids did over the summer would be enough to keep the problem to a minimum.

"With children out of school and staying apart from their friends, many of us thought lice incidence would be significantly down and would remain so until children were back in school and socializing again," she said in a statement.

However, it appears that the common issue among children has remained as problematic as ever, if not more so.

Alison Steinhart, who operates of two Lice Squad clinics in Owen Sound and Collingwood, said that she has actually seen more severe cases this year.

"Business has certainly picked up again for us after months of quiet," she said.

Lisa Tecter, another franchise owner located in Ottawa, also expressed her concern over the lice issue that could further complicate students returning to school in 2020.

"I've noticed lice are more resilient and I have seen the most severe cases that may date back several months," she said.

"Lice are on survival mode and with self-isolation, no lice reminders from school, and services such as ours not being accessible to families during the pandemic, despite best efforts head lice seem to have been much more difficult for families to tackle."

Parents should inspect their kids heads and look for any signs of the bugs as they head back to school (while taking all other precautions, as well).

As students return to the classroom, there have already been some snags with COVID-19, including outbreaks at 15 different schools in Ottawa.

Across Ontario, there have already been numerous other cases of the virus being reported in educational institutions.

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