With Canada being the land of free healthcare, we often don't think much about the mechanics behind prescriptions. However, the next time you go to pick up a prescription, you may not be able to actually get it.  Pharmacists are now warning that Canada may be facing a drug shortage, and they say America is to blame. 

The Canadian Pharmacist Association released a statement on Friday afternoon stating that drug shortages have 'greatly increased' over the past five years throughout the nation. According to the statement, more than 67 percent of pharmacists throughout the nation are already dealing with drug shortages multiple times a day.

However, it's not just the pharmacists that are affected by this shortage of drugs. According to a study done by the Canadian Pharmacist Association, 25 percent of Canadians have been affected by a drug shortage in the past three years, and it's expected that these numbers are only going to get worse. 

According to CBC, America will be to blame if these drug shortages continue to worsen. New U.S legislation that allows Americans to import cheaper medicines from Canada, has put a strain on the Canadian drug companies. While America is now allowed to import Canadian medicine, Canadian pharmacists stress that they don't have enough products to distribute between the two countries. 

This drug shortage has become such a concern that fifteen groups which represent patients, health professionals, hospitals and pharmacists have sent a letter to the Health Minister of Canada to warn about the increased risk of drug shortages. 

The letter states, "The Canadian medicine supply is not sufficient to support both Canadian and U.S. consumers. The supply simply does not, and will not, exist within Canada to meet such demands." This will, in turn, pose a serious concern to the Canadian health care system. 

Of course, Canada has already started to feel the pressure of drug shortages this year. Earlier this month, Health Canada warned that an EpiPen shortage may hit the nation throughout the summer. 

CBC also warns that in recent years, Canadian drug makers have reported thousands of drug shortages throughout the nation for a variety of different reasons. 

While often these drug shortages have been due to manufacturing issues, Canadian pharmacists warn that this new U.S. legislation could make these drug shortages even worse. 

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