Canadians know the truth about Canada geese. Sure, they look majestic and can pull off a great flying V formation, but they are also not to be messed with. Canada geese can get pretty mean if you get too close to them, and apparently they can also commit crimes, like destruction of property. That's at least what happened to a taxi driver all the way across the pond when a Canada goose in the U.K. broke a window on his cab and just climbed right in.

A photo of the goose standing in its own crime scene was tweeted out by the Radford Road Police. "When a colleague asked if a call had been received about a goose flying into a taxi over the radio, we had to see it to believe it," the police wrote in the tweet. That's totally understandable. After all, why would you ever believe that a goose broke into a car?

"Goose was taken to the vets & unfortunately the taxi had to repair the damage," the tweet continued. It seems pretty unfair that the goose probably won't be held to any responsibility for breaking the taxi's window. 

Oddly enough, this incident happened just two days before a giant event known as ⁠— and this is not a joke ⁠— Goose Fair. The event dates back more than 700 years! The tweet even concluded that the goose might have been trying to find its way there. It could have been less aggressive about it, if it was.

Several people replied to the tweet and noted that this incident also coincides with the release of a video game where players control a goose and annoy the residents of a quaint English village.

Twitter user @RJ_Pilot tweeted a photo of the game's main character (a goose) with the words: "I think I will cause problems on purpose."

Another user, @andreasanghera, showed a little more sympathy for the goose, writing, "Poor little Canada goose. Hope he is ok."

Whether or not the goose is okay, it's clear that Canada geese can cause problems for people all over the world. Is that something Canadians should be proud of? We're not exactly sure.

Disclaimer: Cover photo on the right used for illustrative purposes only.

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