As Canadians, we often view ourselves as the nicer and healthier neighbour compared to our friends down south. However, a new study has just revealed that Canadians are actually salty AF, at least when it comes to our food. In fact, Canada was just ranked as having the saltiest food across the world, beating out the United States and the rest of the globe.  

In a new study that was done by Wiley Online Library, packages of food and beverages were compared across parts of the globe, including Canada, USA, UK, Mexico, South Africa, India, China, and others. Throughout studying nearly 400,000 packaged foods products, it was discovered that Canadians don't eat as healthy as we might think. 

In fact, Canadians were discovered to have the highest amount of sodium in their packaged food items. According to the study, on average, Canadian packaged food products have an average of 291 mg of salt per 100 g package. America followed in second, with 279 mg of salt per 100 g. 

It was discovered that meat and meat alternatives were the food group that often contained the most amount of salt. While snack foods, dressing, sauces, and condiments followed closely behind. 

However, while Canadians may be the saltiest eaters across the globe, not everything about our diet is bad. According to the survey, Canadian food products were found to be around average when it came to residents' health. 

Overall, Canada was given a health star rating of 2.73 out of five, not far behind from the U.K who scored the highest health star rating of 2.83. 

One thing that may have helped Canada's health rating was the drastically small amount of saturated fats that are found in our food.

According to the survey, Canada had the lowest levels of saturated fat out of any other country in the world, with only one gram of fat per 100 g. 

Despite the fact that Canada was considered a healthier country, the high amount of salt that is used in our food can often pose serious health risks to Canadians. 

According to CTV News, a large intake of sodium can often lead to high blood pressure which is linked to heart disease and stroke. 

The federal government is currently attempting to limit the amount of sodium that goes into processed foods by imposing voluntary targets. However, this has not yet been very successful.

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