There's a travel advisory in place for Florida because of approaching Hurricane Dorian. The government has issued a travel advisory for the state because of the threat posed by the hurricane. The Canada travel advisory for Florida warns about travelling there and what to do if you're already there.

Hurricane Dorian is expected to make landfall in Florida's east coast as a Category 4 storm on Monday. Because of this, the government is advising Canadians of the risks they could face if travelling to Florida. 

The government states that the hurricane is likely to bring heavy rainfall and strong winds to the region and there's a risk for flash flooding and landslides. 

Also, essential services like transportation, power, food and water supplies, medical care and more could be impacted by the storm.

Even telecommunication networks and emergency services could be disrupted because of the hurricane so it could be difficult to call for help if needed. The government is asking Canadians to be cautious with their travel to the area because of all of this. 

According to CNN, states of emergencies have been decalred by every county in Florida and grocery stores shelves are almost empty as people prepare for the storm.

If you're already in the parts of Florida where the hurricane is expected to hit, the government is advising you to be cautious, follow local news and weather reports and follow the instructions of local authorities.

Hurricane season is from June to November in the Atlantic. At time of publication, Hurricane Dorian is expected to make landfall in Florida late Monday and into Tuesday. 

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