Crossing into the United States from Canada requires preparation and the right documents. Usually, it can go pretty smoothly, provided that you have done all of your research about what you can and can't bring. However, there has been a rise in five-year bans being handed out at the Canada-U.S. border to Canadians.

Recently, another Canadian citizen was handed one of these bans after trying to enter the United States. Kyle Kuchirka, a 25-year-old Saskatchewan resident, was attempting to attend the Sh'Bang Art Festival in Washington State. When he reached the border, he was questioned by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) for hours before being turned around and given the ban.

Kuchirka told Global News, “I couldn’t believe it. I was like, ‘For what?’” A guard told Kuchirka that he would have to prove that the organization he was volunteering with was actually a non-profit. When Kuchirka couldn't prove it, he was turned away, being told that he did not have work authorization. Kuchirka also told CBC News that he does not have a criminal record.

"Any answer I gave them just wasn't enough," Kuchirka told CBC. "I'm terrified of what the States is doing with their power." Although Kuchirka expressed to Global that he was unsure if he would fight the ban, he does want to return to the U.S. at some point.

"I want to go back to New York City and I want to explore art and culture there," he told Global. "It’s so rich and vibrant.”

This ban is just the latest in a number of similar restrictions handed out to Canadians. An Alberta woman who works as a tree planter was turned away and given a five-year ban after she couldn't prove her employment, despite having documentation. Similarly, a B.C. resident was given the ban when CBP officers noted his packed car as evidence that he planned to move to the States illegally.

"Until recently, I never would have expected people to get these expedited removals so randomly," immigration lawyer Len Saunders told CBC. "It's very, very indiscriminate how they are doing this."

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