A recent poll found that a decisive majority of Canadians are against hunting animals for sport or the fur trade. The same poll also found that more than half of Canadians are opposed to keeping animals in Canada's zoos and aquariums or using them in rodeos. 

The poll, conducted by Research Co., found that 52% of Canadians said they opposed keeping animals in zoos or aquariums, with 29% saying they moderately opposed it and 23% saying they strongly opposed it.

Considering that even Canadian zoos have been found to mistreat their animals, this might not be all that surprising.

The opposition to using animals in rodeos was even higher at 59%, with 28% moderately opposed and 31% strongly opposed.

However, when it came to breaking down respondents by province, Albertans were evenly split, with 49% both opposing and supporting the use of animals in rodeos.

Likewise, respondents in Manitoba and Saskatchewan were more likely to be in favour of using animals in rodeos (50%) than to be against it (43%).

Respondents were also asked whether they agree or disagree with the CFL's decision to host a rodeo event in celebration of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers' Grey Cup victory.

In that instance, 46% of Canadians disagreed with the decision versus 35% who agreed (19% were undecided).

Pamela Anderson herself called out Alberta's premier due to the high amount of horse deaths in the 2019 Calgary Stampede.

A strong majority (85%) of Canadians opposed hunting animals for sport, while 75% opposed hunting animals for the fur trade.

However, 75% of Canadians were still in favour of eating meat, while only 19% were opposed to it. In addition, 65% of Canadians said they were in favour of hunting animals for their meat, with 19% opposed to it.

This information was collected from 1000 Canadians in an online poll, which was conducted between November 10 and November 13. The margin of error is 3.1%.

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