In the last month, the federal government has introduced a number of benefits to help Canadians affected by COVID-19. However, they're starting to warn people about "double-dipping" on Canada's COVID-19 benefits. According to Justin Trudeau, any money that people aren't supposed to be getting will need to be paid back eventually.

During his April 27 address, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau acknowledged that people could end up receiving both the Canada Emergency Wage subsidy and the Canada Emergency Response Benefit.

"I want to remind everyone, you won't be able to keep both the wage subsidy and the CERB," Trudeau said. "It's one or the other, not both."

The wage subsidy was introduced to allow people to stay connected to their jobs, and they can receive up to 75% of their weekly wage from their employer.

The CERB, on the other hand, is a benefit introduced for people who have lost their jobs, or who are making under $1,000 a month.

Trudeau acknowledged that due to the new application process, it's possible that some people will have received both of these benefits. 

However, he again noted that you can only keep one or the other and that anyone who is receiving both benefits should be prepared to return one of them.

"If you're getting both you should probably put one of them aside so you can pay that back, so you don’t get overly challenged with that down the road," he confirmed.

There were previous issues with people receiving both EI and the CERB, after accidentally applying for both when the new benefit was introduced.

The federal government has already confirmed that in these cases, any extra money that Canadians received will have to be paid back next year when applications for the benefits get thoroughly evaluated.

On top of that, any income received through these COVID-19 benefits is taxable, which is important to keep in mind whatever you need to claim!

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