If there's one thing that Canadians have been loving lately, it's the Toronto Raptors. Since the Raptors have won the NBA championships, taking the title home to Canada for the first time in history, it seems as if the entire nation can't get enough of the basketball team. However, despite the love that the Raptors have been getting over the past couple of months, a new survey shows that Canadian's national sport is still hockey, not basketball. 

In a study that was done by DART Insight and Communications for Canada Day Celebrations, over 1,500 Canadians were asked if the NBA win for the Raptors has changed anything when it came to Canada's national sport. When asked if basketball, not hockey is now Canada's national sport, it looks like the Raptors win wasn't enough to advance the sport. 

An overwhelming amount of Canadians disagreed with the statement that basketball should be Canada's new national sport, and still feel that hockey trumps all. In fact, a full eighty-three percent of Canadians believed that hockey is still Canada's national sport. On the flipside, only seventeen percent of Canadians agreed that basketball should now be Canada's national sport. 

However, if you break that number down by province, Ontario is a bit more split on this answer than the rest of the nation. While it may be due to the fact that the Toronto Raptors win is so close to home for a majority of Ontarians, twenty-four percent of Ontarians believed that basketball should be the national sport, while seventy-six percent disagreed. 

Atlantic Canada was the one that was in the most disapproval of swapping out the national sport. Only five percent of Atlantic Canadians believed that basketball should be Canada's new national sport, while ninety-five percent believed that it should stay the way that it is. 

However, Canadians still find pride in their national basketball team. While basketball may not be replacing hockey as the national sport anytime soon, a survey done by the Association for Canadian Studies showed that the Raptors gave Canada the most pride as a country. 

Thirty-six percent of Canadians between the ages of eighteen to twenty-four found that the Raptors were a very important token of pride in Canada. Even more pride-worthy than the Toronto Maple Leafs. 

While there's no question that Canadians are still loving the Raptors, the mostly American dominated sport won't be replacing hockey anytime soon. 

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