When it comes to popular online memes, the sad white cat and screaming woman meme is one of the internet’s favourites. While the hilarious collage is most often used on social media sites by millennials, Canada's sad cat meme is now being used by actual Canadian government agencies, and it’s been an absolute hit with their followers!

If you’ve never heard of the sad cat / angry woman meme before, where have you been?! It’s essentially a collage of two photos, one woman yelling, crying and pointing, and a sad-looking white feline sitting in front of some vegetables. 

For unknown internet reasons, the image is now super-popular online, and is often altered with different text to create new memes and jokes.

Usually, these new memes pop up on Twitter and Instagram and are posted by meme-loving millennials. However, crashing into 2020 with a bang, one of Canada’s actual government agencies has discovered the magic of sad-cat, and they’re using him to teach Canadians a lesson.

In a Facebook post that's been 'liked' more than 1,200 times, Library and Archives Canada have created their own version of the iconic meme, and it's all about how to correctly handle books!

In the newly-edited collage, the screaming woman can be seen saying, "Shouldn't you be wearing gloves???" To which Smudge the famous feline responds, "For rare books, the industry standard has always been to use clean, dry, bare hands!"

Explaining the meme in a post, Library and Archives Canada wrote, "One of the most common arguments we see in our comments is about how our experts are sometimes shown handling certain types of material bare-handed, without those famous white cotton archival gloves."

The Canadian take on the classic internet image was extremely popular with the Facebook page's followers, who responded to the post to share their appreciation.

One follower wrote, "It makes me so happy a government department posts memes like this."

Another added, "Great use of meme. Well played."

It turns out that the department of Library and Archives Canada actually love social media memes, and they have a whole photo album dedicated to one-of-a-kind memes and jokes on their Facebook page!

If all of this wasn't Canadian enough already, the white cat from the sad cat meme is actually a Canadian himself, and he lives with his family in Ottawa.

Smudge the animal featured in the viral meme even has his own Instagram page, and more than 1.4 million followers keep up with his Ottawa-based adventures. 

While Smudge the viral cat is probably no stranger to fame on the internet, his latest feature on an official Canadian Government Agency Facebook page was probably very flattering indeed!

As for using Smudge to get useful information across? What a purr-fect idea.

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