Attending university can be one of the best times of a young Canadian's life. Not only do they get to experience a sense of freedom for the first time, but they can also really sink their teeth into learning something new. However, at least eight universities in Canada have a completion rate below 60 percent. So why do Canadians keep dropping out of university?

One future student turned to the Canada subreddit for answers. Unsurprisingly, there are a number of factors leading to students failing or dropping out of university.

The first reason offered is pretty standard and even a little bit obvious: university is not like high school.

One Redditor offered a different reason for students becoming burnt out: it's not just the academics, but just trying to live on their own.

Even stranger than students just failing to handle the stresses of university life are the rules that appear to be built into the university systems themselves:

That also means that sometimes universities get it right, letting the students who aren't putting the work in feel the consequences.

Another big issue, according to one Redditor, is that the idea of going to university is tied to success, which isn't always the case.

Sometimes, though, the students already know they're not going to finish, and are just going... for fun? 

No matter what the reason is, the fact is that not everyone who goes to university is going to finish it, for one reason or another. Potential students might be better off exploring other options, or just taking some time between high school and university to work and find something they are passionate about.

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