On Thursday evening, the Canada Walk of Fame introduced eight new members to the organization after announcing the class of 2019. The new inductees were honoured for their accomplishments and for everything that they have contributed to music, sports, television, arts, science, and innovation. Among these new members, Canada's Walk of Fame announced that James Naismith, the inventor of basketball, was finally being welcomed into the organization. 

It's no surprise that practically the entire nation was cheering on the Raptors this year as they won the NBA finals for the first time ever in history. After this massive win, basketball has gained a new meaning in the hearts of a majority of Canadians. Especially when Jim Naismith, the grandson of James Naismith announced that he was cheering on the Raptors throughout the finals. 

While Canada's Walk of Fame didn't give the exact reason as to why this sport inventor was finally accepted into the organization, the fact that basketball has become such a big sport in Canada the past year was probably was not a coincidence.  

James Naismith, a fellow Canadian, created basketball in December 1891. Since then, the sport has taken over North America throughout the past century. 

However, James Naismith isn't the only person that was accepted into Canada's Walk of Fame and seven other inductees were also announced on Thursday night. 

Among these new members, you may recognize some of them. Mr. Dressup, a children's entertainer, and Olympic speed skater Cindy Klassen were also announced as some of the new members of Canada's Walk of Fame. 

Actor Will Arnett, who you may recognize from popular films and shows such as Bluth II, Arrested Development and the Lego Movie, also secured a spot on the 2019 list. 

Architect Frank Gehry, hockey player Mark Messier, Dragon's Den Jim Treliving, and the rock band Triumph were also announced as 2019 inductees into Canada's Walk of Fame. 

This year's ceremony will take place at Canada's Walk of Fame Awards Show at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in late November. 

Canada's Walk of Fame also announced that two more new members will be added to the list later this year. 

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