A sexual assault survivor is concerned for the safety of the public after learning that his abductor is now on a pen-pal website for inmates. Peter Whitmore, a now 48-year-old man from Saskatchewan, was convicted for kidnapping and sexually assaulting young Zach Miller in 2006. At the time, Miller was just 10-years-old.  Now, the 24-year-old can't believe that the convicted kidnapper and rapist is permitted to communicate with the outside world, reports CP24.

Canadian Inmates Connect is a website dedicated to attracting pen pals from across Canada who would be willing to write an inmate serving a sentence in a Federal or Provincial institution.

The website's homepage states, "Whether it be poor choices, 'in the wrong place at the wrong time' or lifestyle, it does not matter…inmates are people too. Unfortunately, over time they are often forgotten about by family and friends who were once there for them. Contact with the outside world is lost."

Canadian Inmates Connect then goes on to compare becoming a pen pal to performing a "random act of kindness".  The homepage reads, "Consider taking a few minutes to write a letter or send a card. It’s something simple like this that could lift their spirits and brighten their day. It could quite possibly be life-changing for them.​"

But Miller doesn't believe that all inmates will be using the service so innocently. Whitmore, who is a notorious pedophile, had a record as a prolific sex offender, and continues to pose as a high risk to re-offend.  Miller says he finds his abuser's profile "disgusting" and a risk to the public.

Whitmore, who has served 14-years of a life sentence, locked Miller and another 14-year-old in an abandoned farmhouse near Kipling, Saskatchewan, for two days.  Prior to his arrest after a police standoff, he abused the minors repeatedly. 

Whitmore's profile on Canadian Inmates Connect explains that he has cancer and is looking for "long-lasting friendship."  "I am a very caring and loving person who cannot begin to describe my loneliness. I hope you will take the time and get to know me and allow me the privilege of getting to know you," the post states.

The profile lists Whitmore's hobbies as playing video games and collecting photographs of people, castles and homes from the Victorian era. "I have numerous health problems, including leukemia. I use a walker for stable mobility due to problems with my legs and feet due to diabetes," the profile says.

He also added, "I will never be released ... this is by my choice."

Miller believes Whitmore is attempting to manipulate the public.  "Every time he comes up, he's trying to make people forget that he's a bad guy ... I'm frankly getting tired of it," Miller told CP24.

"It's absolutely disgusting. Why are we letting someone like this talk to people out there? You don't know who he's going to be talking to. You don't know who's going to talk to him."

CP24 also revealed that a spokeswoman for Child Find Saskatchewan is concerned since the post neglects to acknowledge Whitmore's history of pedophilia. The profile indicates Whitmore is incarcerated for kidnapping and sexual assault at the Bath Institution, a medium-security facility in Ontario.

They also reported that court documents filed as part of Whitmore's past cases describe prison psychologists' characterization of Whitmore as a manipulative liar, unwilling to admit that he has caused harm to anyone.

Several other infamous criminals have profiles on the site, including Justin Bourque, the self-described "blue-collar dude with a passion for music" who shot and killed three Mounties in Moncton, New Brunswick back in 2014. There's also Luka Magnotta, who killed and dismembered a Montreal university student back in 2012, who is currently looking for his "prince charming" on the site.

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