After two weeks of being stuck at a military base, the end is in sight. It's finally time for some Canadians to go home. Those Canadian evacuees taken out of China are being released from quarantine and can get back to their lives.

Today marks the end of the mandatory two-week quarantine for the first group of people who were evacuated from Wuhan by the government because of COVID-19. The group was staying at a military base in Ontario.

They are being released sometime on February 21 from Canadian Forces Base Trenton's Yukon Lodge. 

According to The Canadian Press through CTV, the government is helping all the people coming out of quarantine with their travel plans but the hundreds of evacuees are still expected to go home from Ontario by their own means.

Despite getting great care while in quarantine, people are ready to get out and get back to normal.

"Emotionally, we’re still neither here nor there," Wayne Duplessis, a teacher who was evacuated with his wife and two sons, told the Globe and Mail. "This ends after we have our final health check and we get our paper saying we’re clean."

Canada's Health Minister said that nobody from this group that has been under quarantine at CFB Trenton has shown signs of having the virus, according to the CBC.

The group of people that are being released arrived back in Canada from China on February 7 while the second group arrived on February 11.

Both groups had to undergo a designated 14-day quarantine.

Since the other group, which was evacuated from Wuhan on an American charter plane, arrived later than the first group, they'll have to stay at CFB Trenton for a couple more days.

Today also marks the start of this process for another group of people who have been repatriated to Canada because of COVID-19.

Canadian passengers aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship touched down in Trenton on the same day the first batch of evacuees are being released.

Instead of being housed at the military base there, more than 100 passengers have been taken to the city of Cornwall, Ontario to be looked after.

According to a CBC journalist, they were all screened following the flight from Japan for signs of the virus.

According to CTV News, the group from the Diamond Princess could be able to leave their quarantine before the two weeks are up if they keep testing negative for the virus.

That will be determined on a case by case basis by Canada's chief public health officer.

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