The Canadian Forces are often known for their strict dress codes and routines. After all, one of the most common things to think of when picturing the Canadian Forces is the striking uniformity among all members of the forces. However, there are actually multiple different regulations behind this dress code, and some of them were pretty outdated until they were just recently updated. Canadian Forces new dress code officially no longer forces women to wear high heels while in uniform. 

In an effort to grant military personnel with more freedom when it comes to their appearance, the Canadian Forces announced a few new changes to the dress code recently. According to The Whig Standard, these changes were made after dress regulation concerns arose throughout the military community. During a semi-annual meeting of senior staff, these new regulations were finally formulated and recently announced to the military personnel of the Canadian Forces. 

These new regulations state that anyone who expresses their gender as a woman can now leave their hair down in a ponytail, wear flats and be able to wear skirts with bare legs. Before this regulation was passed there were a variety of rules that women in the Canadian forces had to follow. 

According to The Whig Standard, any women in the Canadian Forces who has longer hair that passes their shirt collars had to either wear their hair in a bun or a braid whenever they were in uniform. Now, women will be able to wear their hair in a ponytail if they wish. 

However, commanders still have the authority to inform women to wear their hair in a bun if long hair is a safety or health concern in the field that she is working in. 

Women now also have the option to wear flat shoes while in uniform, as long as it is not "ballerina-style footwear". Previously, women were forced to wear heels that were 5cm in length. Now, women can no longer wear heels that exceed 5 cm in length. 

Nylons are also no longer required. If a woman wishes to, she is able to have bare legs while in uniform. 

These changes come after multiple movements against sexist women dress codes that have been put in place through multiple institutions in Canada. 

Last year, MTL Blog covered a popular incident where women's bodies were being targeted as distractions within the school system. Many Montreal students went braless in protest of the unequal dress codes within the school system as students called out the double standards in which women were unable to wear tank tops. 

This movement has been an ongoing problem for years and the #FreeTheNipple movement, as well as other protests, have led to the updating of dress code regulations throughout multiple institutions.  The Canadian Armed Forces are just the latest example. 

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