The holiday countdown is on. While it may seem like Christmas is still a bit far off, many Canadian holiday shipping deadlines are right around the corner. In a lot of stores, you only have a few days left to knock some items off your gift list. 

There's nothing worse than being caught off guard or scrambling at the last minute to get your gifts together. When it comes to online shopping, you can't just zip out to the store on December 23 if you realize you forgot to get a gift for your family's annual secret Santa game. 

To make matters worse, you're often at the will of postal and delivery services when it comes to receiving your holiday orders on-time.

On the plus side, as more and more Canadians are switching to buying presents online instead of visiting retail locations, the stores have made it easier by providing strict deadlines to get your orders in by to ensure you'll have it at your door by Christmas. 

A number of major online retailers in Canada have already put their holiday deadlines up on their websites, and that's because in many cases those order-by dates are actually sooner than you'd think. 

Here's when to place your order at nine big Canadian stores. 


With Amazon, the delivery dates vary depending on where you are and what method of shipping you get.

If you're using Prime, the retailer warns that the last possible day to get your orders with two-day shipping is December 22. 

The last day for one-day delivery is December 23 and the last day for same-day delivery is December 24. 


If you are looking to buy some higher-end apparel this holiday season or treat the men in your life to Aritzia's very first menswear item, you better act fast. 

Their website says that the last day to order by is December 17, at 1 PM EST if you live in Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, Nunavut, Northwest Territories and Yukon.

For all other provinces, the deadline is December 21 at 11:59 PM EST. 

Best Buy

Best Buy doesn't give out strict holiday cut-offs for online orders but they do have some tips to ensure your presents are under the tree on time. 

According to their website, the best way to make sure you get your gifts on time is to use their reserve in store option, so you can reserve the items online and then pick them up from whatever location is closest to you. 

They also recommend checking the estimated delivery date of every product if you are set on shopping online. 


Depending on where you live in Canada, you may only have a week left to shop online at H&M. 

According to their website, the earliest cut-off date to receive your gifts on time is December 14, which is for Newfoundland, Nunavut, Northwest Territories, and Yukon. 

For Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI, and Saskatchewan the order-by date is December 15.

If you're shipping to Quebec or Ontario you get a little bit more time. Their deadlines are December 16 and December 17, respectively. 


The popular book store has one of the earlier deadlines for holiday shipping in Canada. On their website, they suggest placing orders on in-stock items by December 11. 

They also suggest that if you choose the ship to store option, you'll be able to pick up your presents sooner. 

If you live in rural or remote areas Indigo recommends leaving even more time, but they don't specify where this is or how much time to give yourself. 


If you're giving the gift of athletics this year you'll want to leave yourself enough time, but compared to other stores you actually get a lot of it here.

Lululemon's website says the last day to place an order for standard shipping, which is with FedEx, is December 22. 

However, if you live in rural areas you'll want to bump this deadline up to December 12. 

Unfortunately, if you were hoping to gift some of their self-care aerosol products the deadline for that, which was December 4, has already passed. 


Unlike its athletic competitor, Nike is giving stricter deadlines for holiday shipping in Canada. 

According to their website, you'll want to place your order by December 11 in order to receive it in time for Christmas. 


At Roots, the shipping deadlines depend not only on where you are but on how much you're willing to spend to get your gifts on time. 

Unfortunately, their website warns that the deadline to ship to remote locations in Canada was actually November 28. However, for standard shipping in the rest of the country, you have until December 11. 

If you're willing to pay more for express shipping, you can wait until December 18 to order. 

For the major procrastinators, based in Ontario only, you have until December 20 at 2 PM EST but you'll need to pay for Express Ontario shipping. 


While the information is really hard to track down on their website, when you google "holiday shipping" at Sephora, their ad link suggests you should get your order in by December 17. 

Unfortunately, the link doesn't provide any details or whether this date varies by province, so you may want to contact them to confirm before you buy. 

If you're shopping for yourself this month you'll also want to take note of these deadlines to ensure your amazing new outfit or hot makeup palette will arrive in time for your holiday parties. 

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