With fall in full swing, it's officially the time of year where the day can feel like four separate seasons. With single-digit temperatures in the mornings, but sweltering sun in the afternoon, deciding when to turn on your heat can be tricky. In fact, if you struggle on figuring out when to turn on your heat, it looks like Canadians have an answer for you. In the latest Twitter thread, it was discovered that most Canadians have a weird tradition of not turning their heat on until Thanksgiving, no matter the weather. 

When Twitter user and radio host Kristy Cameron posted a tweet stating, "It's 5 degrees this morning but I refuse to turn the heat on until Thanksgiving. Am I alone in this?" it seems that many Canadians were quick to back up this tradition. 

Despite the cooler temperatures that much of Canada has been facing the past few weeks, it seems like many Canadians are determined to keep that heat off and bundle up until Thanksgiving hits. 

On Twitter user even stated, "I'm with you. No Heat til Turkey!!" 

While another wrote, "My hands are frozen but I'm too stubborn to turn on the heat yet!! It just can't be that time already."

While some have a strict rule of waiting until Thanksgiving to turn on the heat, it seems that other Canadians actually make it a competition to see how long they can last before giving in to the warmth. 

One Twitter user admitted to the competition, stating, "Tuesday begins my annual "how much longer can I keep the windows open and heat pump off" race. Last year I finally had to give in on October 12th. Fingers crossed that it's after Thanksgiving this year."

However, with Frost Advisories in effect for Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick tonight, and Alberta already seeing some snowfall, it seems that the challenge might be harder than it looks. 

Some Canadians have even admitted that they have already given in, not being able to make it to the Thanksgiving weekend. One user even disappointedly stating, "I caved last night." For the rest of us still in the race, there are only 10 days until Thanksgiving. 

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