Capital One may be facing some trouble in the future from the people whose financial information was put at risk. One Ontario woman is fighting for Canadians affected by the Capital One data breach, which involved nearly six million Canadians and compromised around one million social insurance numbers.

The suit was filed in Toronto Superior Court on Aug. 7 by the law firm Diamond and Diamond. Compensation is being sought for Canadians who applied for a Capital One card between 2005 and 2019.

Rina Del Guidice had signed up for a Costco Wholesale MasterCard through Capital One and will be serving as the suit's representative plaintiff.


Del Guidice and Diamond and Diamond are seeking $350 million for all of the other plaintiffs in the class-action suit. 

This is not the only suit being filed against Capital One in Canada. Charney Lawyers, a law firm located in Vancouver, is also filing a class-action suit against the company for the data breach. The hack is also being investigated by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.

The hack was carried out by one person: an American programmer named Paige Thompson, who had bragged about pulling off the breach in chats and online profiles. The information that was stolen was allegedly obtained as early as March, but the extent to which it was released by Thompson is still unknown.

A similar class-action suit has also been filed on behalf of Capital One's American clients. This one also alleges that Capital One has had data breaches in the past (including one in January 2018) but has not done enough to fix their security systems.

It's not clear whether the class-action suits will actually win out against Capital One, but one thing is for sure: this many people acting against one company is bad publicity.

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