While The People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier is undoubtedly an outspoken character, his wife, Catherine Letarte seems to prefer staying well out of the limelight. With a private social media account and few public appearances, Letarte seems to prefer letting her husband take centre stage. However, when it comes to Maxime Bernier’s Instagram, it seems that photos with Letarte are what Canadians want to see the most!

Looking through Maxime Bernier’s Instagram, it's clear to see that some of his photos get a lot more ‘likes’ than others. While his own photos of himself campaigning or attending PCC rallies usually get anywhere between 500 and 700 Insta 'likes', photos with his wife and family get a LOT more!

Back in July, after dating for almost a decade, Bernier and Letarte finally tied the knot, and had a beautiful beachside wedding to celebrate. Bernier uploaded the photo to his Instagram account, and received just under 1,900 Insta ‘likes,’ probably his most ever!

After doing a bit of digging, it became clear that all of his photos that focus on his wife and family are much more popular, so we brought them all together, right here! 

While Maxime Bernier is definitely not known for showing his ‘softer’ side, this picture shows that he does have a more-gentle aspect to his personality!

Earlier this year, the PCC leader posted a sweet Valentine’s message to his partner, Catherine, and shared this cute photo of them together, all dressed up!

Back in December 2017, Bernier shared this sweet photo of himself and Latarte at an American Football game. He posted that he was enjoying the game with “my love,” and shared a clumsy selfie, looking a bit like your parents on holiday!

The post was given a lot of love at the time, with one Instagram user replying to say, "Looking great guys!"

Maxime posted this picture of himself and his family way back in May 2017, and accompanied it with a message wishing his followers a happy holiday.

Although it wasn't one of Bernier's most-liked photos, it is nice to see him smiling with his loved ones, and wearing a funky shirt!

Around one month later, Bernier posted this photo, wishing all of his followers a happy Easter!

Bizarrely, he and his whole family seem to be wearing the exact same outfit as the previous post, making the picture almost seem like it was taken with a 'green-screen' to change the background!

This picture is definitely one of Maxime Bernier's most popular posts. To accompany the picture, Bernier simply wrote, "Catherine and I tied the knot today." 

At the time of writing, the post had almost 1,900 Instagram 'likes,' which is considerably more than the majority of his other posts!

Catherine's own Instagram is private, as is her personal Facebook page, meaning these small and rare glimpses into their home-life are few and far between! 

That said, it is clear that Maxime Bernier's Instagram followers enjoy a sneak-peak into his family and home life, as those personal posts are certainly popular!

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