After weeks and weeks of door-knocking, campaigning and live-TV debating, Canada’s 43rd federal election night is finally here, and the country’s broadcasters are going above and beyond to make the evening’s coverage as interesting and engaging as possible. In particular, CBC’s election rap has caught the attention of viewers, with many people taking to social media to share their opinions on the unique clip.

As Canada’s election results begin to trickle in from across the country, major news outlets are using different tactics to keep Canadians both entertained and informed. While some outlets are focused on delivering the election information with experts and discussion, others are injecting a bit of fun into their coverage to keep Canadians interested and entertained during this long and busy night of vote counting.

As part of their extensive election coverage, CBC caught the attention of Canadians across the country, by including an “election rap,” that included all of the major party leaders. 

The short video showed various clips and images of Canadians across the country, interjected with short snippets and pictures of the major party leaders. In the background, there was a rap song audio, that touched on various issues that have arisen during the 43rd Canadian federal election.

There was a considerable online reaction to the election rap video, almost immediately, with Canadians from across the country taking to social media to discuss the clip. Despite the CBC's best efforts, many people were not impressed with the song.

One Canadian took to Twitter to say, “CBC did you really just air a shitty election rap.”

Another added, “Young people: take us seriously … CBC: here’s an election rap song!”

That said, there was also some positive response to the video.

One Twitter user wrote, "Damn this election rap break on CBC bangs."

Another added, "This earnest montage of the PM candidates set to a rap song during election night coverage is a good example of why I love Canada."

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