Do you overspend during the holidays and buy too many Christmas gifts? Or do you not spend enough and people are disappointed by your gifts? This Christmas budget calculator lets you figure out who on your list has been naughty and nice this year. If you're not sure how much money to spend during the holidays on gifts for everyone, this could be the solution. 

Finder Canada's online Christmas Cost Corrector lets you figure out who on your list is naughty and who is nice. You can then figure out your overall gift budget and quantify how much you should spend per person based on a punitive and positive points system.

If your dad forgot your birthday, your sister spoiled the Game of Thrones ending, or your best friend ghosted you that one time, you can put those things in and let the calculator figure out just how much those people deserve. 

"Cost correcting may sound like a cynical way to kick off the holidays, but we wanted to create a humour-based campaign to shock Canadians into talking about how much they should actually spend on Christmas this year," said William Eve, country manager for Finder Canada, in a news release.

"Besides, when you are on a tight holiday budget, maybe we need to give ourselves permission to reevaluate some of those tough spending decisions."

With the Christmas Cost corrector, you start by putting in your pre-tax income and how many people you want to buy presents for this year. 

Then it's time for Finder's "holly jolly justice."

You add in how many times the person you're buying for has been naughty or nice this year with punitive and positive points.

Once you've put in the points, the calculator will give you the amount you should dish out on them for thrifty, mid-range, and generous gifts. 

For each person, you'll have to adjust the naughty and nice figures and recalculate.

Even when you don't put in points, the calculator will still give you an overall budget for how much you should invest per person for thrifty, mid-range, and generous gifts.

The calculator is meant to help people buy Christmas presents at a price point that their loved ones deserve, whether that be less or more expensive. 

A recent Finder survey showed that 76% of Canadians plan to cut costs on Christmas presents this year, especially Gen Z, 88% of which are planning to use cost-cutting methods like setting price limits, doing Secret Santa, making gifts, and giving experiences instead.

The survey also showed that people in Saskatchewan are going to be doing the most cost-cutting with 87% saying they're not going to spend as much. 

However, Newfoundlanders are the ones least likely to cheap out on presents with only 67% responding they're going to take it easy this year.

Even if all the people you're buying gifts for have been angels, this tool can still help you spend an appropriate amount on your loved ones this holiday season in relation to what you make. 

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