Salmonella outbreaks have been hitting Canada hard the past year, and just when we thought we might have been in the clear, yet another brand of chicken strips have been recalled across the nation. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has recalled Compliments brand chicken strips across the nation as they investigate another case of a salmonella outbreak. They are asking anyone who has purchased the product to dispose of it immediately and to not eat it. 

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency states that the Compliments uncooked chicken strips have been sold up until May 1, but it is still possible that many Canadians have this product in their freezer. To check to see if your chicken strips are part of the recall the outer package will have the code 2019 NO 24, while the inner package will have the code 3288M. 

Anyone who has the product in their freezer should either discard of the product or return it to the store in which it was purchased. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency warns that even if the product does not look, smell or taste bad it can still contain salmonella. 

This recall is one of the hundreds that have taken place in the past two years. According to the Government of Canada, since May 2017 573 laboratory-confirmed cases of Salmonella illness have been investigated with 213 of those cases being in Ontario alone. 

Public Health has confirmed that out of those who have been affected by these salmonella outbreaks, 92 Canadians were hospitalized and three deaths have been recorded in connection to these outbreaks. 

The Government of Canada warns that anyone can become sick with a Salmonella infection. Most people who do fall ill will recover within a few days but can spread the infection to others. 

Those who fall ill to salmonella usually start to feel sick anywhere from 6 to 72 hours after exposure. Some symptoms of salmonella include fever, chills, abdominal cramps, headache, nausea, and vomiting. 

These symptoms usually clear up within a week, but in some cases, it can lead to severe illness and hospitalization may occur. People who are experiencing symptoms should go and visit their local health care provider. 


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