Elections can get nasty, there's not doubt about that. But the usual cheap shots and bickering comes from leaders and political parties looking to lessen their opponent's credibility. This time election nastiness is coming from Canadaians who are using the Conservative campaign slogan against Andrew Scheer.

Last week the Conservatives released their campaign slogan, It's Time For You To Get Ahead, and it had some pretty unexpected consequences. Many people jumped at the chance to flip the script on Scheer and criticize and take shots at him.

The slogan was meant to show Canadians that voting the Conservative government into power would mean them getting ahead with more money in their pockets.

But that's not what people are focusing on. 

Instead, people on Twitter were quick to turn the slogan around and use it against Scheer. And people are still razzing the Conservative leader, telling him he needs to get a head.

It's actually hard to find support for Scheer and the Conservative slogan. But the tweets against the slogan and Scheer are still funny. 

This is definitely not what the Conservatives had planned with the release of their slogan. But people don't care about what the slogan is meant to mean, they're just seizing the opportunity to hit back against a political leader.

It'll be interesting to see what else comes out of this election cycle, since there are just under two months to go. 

The federal election will be held on Monday, October 21, 2019. 

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