It was only one short week ago that the official Conservative Party Twitter account was called out by the Canadian public, for their controversial response to a 2005 video of Andrew Scheer speaking about same-sex marriage. Canadians heavily criticized the people behind the account, with some even calling for their resignation. On Wednesday night, the account came under fire for a second time, this time for tweeting a meme that called Justin Trudeau a chicken. 

In a tweet on Wednesday evening, the official Conservative Party page posted a single image, with no written caption attached. The meme-style image showed two people dressed in chicken suits holding signs that read, “2 chicken 2 debate,” with a picture of Justin Trudeau underneath. The image was headed, “Why did the chicken cross the road?” With the response, “Because it was afraid to debate Andrew Scheer.”

The meme is likely referring to the news that Trudeau will only be participating in two of the five major leaders’ debates this election campaign. The Prime Minister is believed to be sitting out of debates organized by Maclean’s/Citytv, TVA and the Munk Debates, choosing instead to focus on the English and French language debates organized by the new federal Leaders’ Debates Commission.

As Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is believed to be taking part in all of the major leaders' debates, the Conservative Party are accusing Trudeau of backing out because he is too scared to face-off against Scheer publically.

The chicken tweet from the Conservative Party, didn’t get support from Canadians, however. Rather, hundreds of Canadians criticized the post, calling it ‘embarrassing’, ‘immature’ and ‘childish’.

One Twitter user responded to the post to say, “This is the party we're supposed to trust? You have serious issues, internal and external to deal with, but you went with a chicken meme. And we should trust you to govern because, why?”

Another added, “First they call our Prime Minister a banana. Now they have a couple of idiots in chicken suits mocking him. Do you want a PM with fewer brain cells than a high school class clown, or one with proven success at improving Canada?”

While the Conservatie Party posted the tweet as a witty way to make a dig at Justin Trudeau, it seems that the Canadian public didn’t think so, with an overwhelming number of the tweet’s responses being pretty negative. 

The two leaders debates that Justin Trudeau is slated to attend will be held on October 7 and October 10, in English and French respectively. 

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