Customers of Costco Canada are being warned about a recent compromise in their system. It was revealed on Sunday, November 3rd, 2019, that the company’s Instagram account had been hacked into. It is unclear at this moment how exactly Costco Canada’s social media became compromised. However, the company is warning users not to disclose any personal information to the account.

“Please note that the Costco Canada Instagram account has been compromised. Do not respond to Costco Canada or provide any personal information to this account. We are attempting to resolve this issue with Instagram. We currently have no information to indicate that any other Costco Canada social media or e-mail accounts have been compromised. Costco Canada does not elicit personal information from its members or followers through social media. Thank you," a post on the company's Facebook page reads. 

The account, which has over 60,000 followers, has currently been wiped clean of all Costco related posts and materials. The new hacked page’s profile picture instead features an image of Bart Simpson, and its bio features Arabic characters.

The new account has several nonsensical video posts that feature clips of singer Billie Eilish and a clip from Todd Philips Joker. The page also links to “@tftok,” which, according to Instagram, doesn’t exist.

Other Costco customers have reported receiving “phony emails” from the company. However, it is uncertain at this time whether or not those incidents are related to the hacking.

“I have received a couple of e-mails from Costco that I knew were phony, so deleted them. They used the name Costco and a strange address,” wrote one customer on Facebook. “Agree. Odd Emails have been received even though your statement suggests otherwise - you need to look into it,” another added.

McDonalds Canada recently experienced its own hacking incident. Several instances involving a person being hacked by a third party while using the company’s new food ordering app were reported last week.

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