During his daily press conference, the Prime Minister announced some new measures to combat the virus. COVID-19 in Canada now has a three-pillar national strategy. With that, $1.1 billion will go into research, clinical trials and more testing.

On April 23, Justin Trudeau unveiled Canada's national medical and research strategy that will address COVID-19.

There are three pillars to that plan: research on vaccines and other treatments, supports for clinical trials and expanding national testing and modelling.

With the first pillar of the plan, close to $115 million is allocated for research into vaccines and treatments being developed across Canada. 

Then over $662 million will go towards clinical trials led by Canada.

Trudeau noted that once we have vaccines and treatments, a wide range of options can be tested.

"A vaccine is the long term solution to this virus," he said.

However, it could take months to develop, test, fabricate and roll out these drugs.

Until then, the spread of the virus needs to be controlled.

With the last pillar, $350 million will be for expanding national testing and modelling.

All of these measures will add up to $1.1 billion of funding towards defeating COVID-19 in Canada.

Along with that funding, an immunity task force will be created.

Top health experts and scientists, including Dr. Theresa Tam, will be brought together to work on matters relating to the virus.

Those experts will be using blood testing to track and understand immunity to COVID-19.

Also, the research will look to answer questions like how many people beyond those that have been tested actually have the virus, whether people are immune once they have it and how long that immunity lasts. 

Trudeau said that over two years, one million Canadians will be tested as part of this study.

"The better we understand this virus, its spread and its impact on different people, the better we can fight it and eventually defeat it," Trudeau said.

He also mentioned that more testing has to be done before things can re-open.

Canada is currently testing 20,000 people a day.

"Until we have either a vaccine or significant treatments for COVID-19, we're not going to be able to talk about getting back to normal," Trudeau said.

Though he did mention that in the coming months we could be able to loosen restrictions.

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