This year has been a hard one to deal with. While it doesn't always feel like it, though, progress against the pandemic is being made. COVID-19 testing in Canada reveals that less than one percent of people checked out had the virus.

Canada's Cheif Public Health Officer, Dr. Theresa Tam, revealed the statistic in an August 22 statement.

"Over the most recent seven days, the percentage of people who tested positive for COVID-19 was 0.8%," she said, "meaning that on average 125 people are being tested for every case we detect, as we continue to cast the surveillance net wide in an effort to find cases and stamp out transmission where it is occurring "

This marks a decline from roughly three weeks ago, when Dr. Tam said that 1% of Canadians who were tested had the virus.

She added that an average of 48,714 people are being tested every day, and that daily case counts across the entire country are holding steady between 350 and 500 every day.

The total number of tests to date is 5,034,059, with 2.5% of that total being positive.

According to the latest count provided by the CPHO, Canada has had 124,372 cases of COVID-19 and 9,064 deaths. She adds that 89% of people who tested positive have now recovered.

Dr. Tam said in a previous written statement that the country is "keeping COVID-19 spread under manageable control," and that Canada has improved its ability to handle the virus.

A big part of that is building up capacity in the healthcare system, which had initially been a concern in the earliest days of the outbreak.

Even with improvements in case numbers, Dr. Tam still provides a reminder that we need to continue to do everything we can in order to limit the spread going forward. 

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