Dairy Queen is bringing their ice cream A-game to celebrate Canada this summer. DQ announced this Tuesday that it would be ringing in Canada Day with the release of a truly next-level blizzard. The new Dairy Queen Canada D'eh Blizzard lands on the menu on June 27th for a limited time.

So, what exactly is this thing made of? According to Canadify, the Canada D’eh Blizzard is made with DQ's signature vanilla soft serve, mixed with a delicious strawberry topping and choco chunks. But wait, there's more. The blizzard is also topped with an entire DQ ice cream sandwich with maple leaf sprinkles.

Dairy Queen tells Narcity that the Canada D’eh Blizzard is a soft serve treat made with 100% Canadian dairy. 

The new limited-time blizzard will be available from June 27th to July 1st, or while supplies last at participating DQ locations nationwide. Prices for the Canada D’eh Blizzard vary depending on location.

Some of Dairy Queen’s other ongoing limited time offers include the new Oh Henry Peanut Butter Blizzard Treat and the Cotton Candy Blizzard.

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